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After consuming up to 3 cups of spring water I head to the kitchen to make a fruit break fast. My favorite meal is Creamy Coconut Parfait and today I created a coconut blueberry parfait and it was electric!! ! I wish I blended the meat of 2 fresh young jelly coconuts instead of 1.

Fresh Young Jelly Coconut Parfait

RECIPE: Blend the ingredients till smooth and creamy (consistency of cake mix)

  1. 1 FRESH (not young thia) young jelly coconut meat
  2. 3 dates
  3. 1/4 cup blended blueberries
  4. 1 TBS sea moss jelly
  5. 1/4 cup of coconut meat


  1. sliced yellow burro banana
  2. crushed walnuts
  3. fresh coconut meat

Coconut & Blueberry Parfait

This break fast and other fresh fruit break fast meals are featured in our new cookbook

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As much as I love to use fresh ginger I often end up with it going bad before I use all of it. I recently came across an article on freezing it instead of storing it in the fridge. Heres a tip on how to store it in the freezer.  Don’t just toss it in the it freezer whole – Grate and measure it first. The benefit of finely grating your ginger is that you won’t end-up with those stringy bits of ginger in your food. Since it’s a bit time-consuming, it’s nice to do a whole bunch at once, that way you always have “fresh” ginger on hand when you need it. Another great tip is to store it in 1 tbs sizes because most recipes call for about 1 tbs.  After grated the ginger don’t discard the scraps but instead boil and strain them to make ginger tea.

Frehs gingerGrated gingerginger2ginger3ginger4

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2016-02-18 11.08.45

Recipe: The water of 1 young coconut, handful of fresh basil and 2 tbs of sea moss jelly.


The heart is one of the most important organs in the entire human body. It is really nothing more than a pump, composed of muscle which pumps blood throughout the body, beating approximately 72 times per minute of our lives. The heart pumps the blood, which carries all the vital materials which help our bodies function and removes the waste products that we do not need. For example, the brain requires oxygen and glucose, which, if not received continuously, will cause it to loose consciousness. Muscles need oxygen, glucose and amino acids, as well as the proper ratio of sodium, calcium and potassium salts in order to contract normally. The glands need sufficient supplies of raw materials from which to manufacture the specific secretions. If the heart ever ceases to pump blood the body begins to shut down and after a very short period of time will die.


Oregano ~ Known for its ability to prevent and cure several ailments to a great extent, oregano is a rich source for controlling cholesterol& fighting dietary fiber, as well as antioxidants such as vitamin-C. (To store fresh oregano, snip off its tips and keep the stalks upright in some water, just like flowers.)

Antioxidants fight against free radicals (which are basically charged molecules capable of causing undesired chemical reactions) and thus help prevent heart disease, among other health issues. Oregano helps fight off inflammation inducing free radicals, and protect the heart against ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL).


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