Mexican Teosinte (Sacred Corn) Heirloom Non-GMO Ancient Maize (~220 Seeds


  • Mexican Teosinte (Sacred Corn) Ancient Grain (~220 Seeds)
  • Teosinte was considered sacred by ancient Native Americans. It is the wild ancestor of modern corn. Growth is similar to branching, bushy corn; producing side-shoots (tillers) loaded with small single-row 4-12 kernel ears (spikelets).
  • The seeds are ground up to create flour


Teosinte: Teosinte (Zea spp.) is an annual and perennial grass endemic to Mexico and Central America (Guatemala and Nicaragua). It is a critical component of maize evolution. There are five recognized species of teosinte: Zea diploperennis, Zea perennis, Zea luxurians, Zea nicaraguensis, and Zea mays [76]. Teosinte grains have high nutritional value with higher total nitrogen and methionine content than maize.

The seeds can also be ground and used as flour


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