Gluten-Free Raw Fonio Grain and Fonio Flour Sampler Bundle, 8 Ounces


  • Clean, pure, not pre-cooked and requires NO rinsing; Fonio is a rare, gluten-free ancient grain from the millet family prized for its flavor, easy digestibility, and tolerance by diabetics.
  • Pre-Washed and Ready To Use; Rich in protein and essential amino acids, especially methionine and cystine. Low glycemic index.
  • Excellent as a side dish, in salads, and as a delicious breakfast cereal. Add it to breads and casseroles. Use it wherever you would millet. It is similar to couscous in the way that it takes on the flavor of whatever it’s cooked with.
  • Non-GMO; Low Glycemic Index; Reseable bag keeps it fresher longer.
  • Fonio flour can be used like conventional flours; Non-GMO; Low Glycemic Index




Fonio is native to African regions and comes in multiple varieties, most commonly, white and black. It has a long history of use and an even longer list of health benefits.

Nutritional Benefits:

Suffers of Diabetes know the effects certain foods and their grain make up have on blood sugar levels. Fonio has a lower glycemic index and absorbs into the body more gradually. This means it efficiently releases needed energy decreasing a chance for low or high blood sugar levels. The grain contains properties that help to manage glucose levels and minerals that decrease inflammation.

Other Health Benefits:

  • A healthy energy booster

  • Decrease chances of cardiovascular issues like heart disease

  • Strengthen hair and nails

  • Detox the body

The porridge was very easy to prepare using the directions on the bag. I was pleased with the outcome and have been eating a bowl daily.

Enjoy a bowl!!
Add currants, walnuts, date syrup, sea salt and enjoy
Creamy Veggie Soup – Made with the Fonio flour 


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