Fresh Pure Raw Tahini-Creamy-Smooth-Hulled-Sesame-Seed Butter In-Glass Low-Temp-Ground 100% Organic Certified USDA $10.96

  • This has lower ship cost when you enjoy more of Rejuvenative Foods 30 flavors(Since 1980 our pioneer fresh-pure food-creator, prioritizing ultimate quality,purity&health)$7.00 ships all jars
  • Freshly low-temp-ground; packed in glass jar soon before shipping.Only ingredient is raw certified organic freshly-hulled sesame seeds; GMO-free, gluten-free, salt-free, sugar-free, artisan & vegan
  • Refrigerated when we make, until we ship.Pure, peanut-free kitchen, machines cleaned between batches, so you are protected.Photo is different size
  • Enjoy plain or with sweetener, fruit, as condiment, raw or fresh in smoothies sauces baked, cooked.Certified 100% USDA organic
  • Free of Trans Fat (0g), Low Sodium (<140mg), Cholesterol Free (<2mg), Calories Per Serving 40-100 Calories, Fat Calories Per Serving 40-100 Calories,

Description This Fresh Raw Certified Organic Low-Temp-Ground Tahini Hulled sesame seed butter is a source of Manganese,Copper,Calcium,Iron,Magnesium,Tryptophan,Zinc,Fiber,Thiamin,Vitamin B6,Phosphorous,Protein.Our unique low-temp artisan grinding makes this smoother and since we refrigerate(except in transit)this keeps more vitamins and minerals for ourselves and loved ones.Fresh 9 month”best if sold by”date.We monitor temperature during grinding to protect from heat-friction.Enjoy plain or mix like any nut or seed butter,including peanut butter;plain raw,roasted,baked or cooked with sweets or savories in sandwiches,wraps,rolls or crackers.Use raw or cooked in salad dressing,seed milk,soup,gravy,sauces or with sweets.Cook with beans,stews,bread and cake dough or enhance all sauces,soups and dressings.These creamy(soaked in their own oil)morsels,enhance their own digestibility and thus sesame nutrient assimilation.So it’s smooth and creamy and so our bodies get naturally present life energy and nutrition; we grind,then cool organic sesame seeds repetitively at a low temperature(under 115° F).This is vegan,full of healthy fats and trans-fat free,GMO free,gluten free,salt-free,dairy-free and sugar-free.Sweetness comparison of our unsweetened raw nut butters; sweetest to less sweet: Cashew Butter,Chunky and Creamy Almond Butter,Pistachio(ultimate pistachio experience),Mixed Nut Butter(each bite conveys the flavor of many nuts),Pecan(strong),Luscious Nut & Seed Spread(mild mixture),Sunflower Butter(strong sunflower flavor),Hazelnut Butter(powerful hazelnut flavor),Wild Almond Butter(bitter wild,amaretto flavor),Pumpkin Seed Butter(memorable after-taste),this Hempini Hemp Seed Butter(green vegetable and green tea flavor hints),Brazil Nut Butter(oiliest and deliciously mild),this Tahini(best-selling mild and bitter)and Black Sesame Tahini(delicious powerful bitter).


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