• Case of Four, 24 oz. bags (6 lbs. total)
  • Vegan/Vegetarian; Kosher Pareve
  • 100% whole grain
  • Stone ground on slow-turning quartz millstones
  • Ancient grain




Spelt flour is used to make many items including flat breads, cookies, pancakes and as a bread coating or dusting. Spelt is also known to rise a little more than some of the other ancient grains is widely used in the Alkaline community.
This Spelt Flour is ground on slow-turning stone-buhr millstones from 100% whole grain spelt berries. This ancient grain is a relative to today’s modern wheat, is a good source of dietary fiber, and adds a nuttiness and richness to baked goods when used as a substitute for wheat flour. Try it in pastas, quick breads, and yeast breads.