Fresh Ginger & How to Keep It Fresh For When You Need It

As much as I love to use fresh ginger I often end up with it going bad before I use all of it. I recently came across an article on freezing it instead of storing it in the fridge. Heres a tip on how to store it in the freezer.  Don’t just toss it in the it freezer whole – Grate and measure it first. The benefit of finely grating your ginger is that you won’t end-up with those stringy bits of ginger in your food. Since it’s a bit time-consuming, it’s nice to do a whole bunch at once, that way you always have “fresh” ginger on hand when you need it. Another great tip is to store it in 1 tbs sizes because most recipes call for about 1 tbs.  After grated the ginger don’t discard the scraps but instead boil and strain them to make ginger tea.

Frehs gingerGrated gingerginger2ginger3ginger4


  1. Zilpah Yehuda

    Jun 19, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Thank you so much for this. Since there’s only two of us at home now my husband and I have found that a lot of food was being wasted because we buy too much and because it’s fresh produce we don’t have time to use it before it goes bad. So we’re trying to buy less. I’ve just been using powdered ginger becuase I didn’t want it to go bad. This will really help us to save money and time and still have fresh ginger. Thank you once again Swazette!

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