Acidic Foods And The Harm They Have on Your Health A typical traditional American diet consist of animal protein and rich buttery sauces, white sugar, white/wheat flour, cloned meats and animals filled with all types of hormones and other chemicals

Choose the lifestyle of an Alkaline Vegan
Choose the lifestyle of an Alkaline Vegan

Visit This Link which truthfully equates to an acidic diet. Did you know when you consume acidic foods it effects your pH level? When your pH level is more acidic than alkaline your body accommodates and welcomes when a disease invades it. Theres always a remedy for us because everything we need was placed within us from the onset of our existence. The remedy is choosing to create an alkaline environment for your body to exist in. Having an alkaline pH creates an environment in the body that diseases can’t thrive in and take over in!!!!!We put a lot of thought into ourselves from the outside prospective meaning adorning ourselves, caring about our appearances but how much time do we put into our internal selves. How many of us think about our organs? How many of us think about our blood, our joints (not when they are aching) our lungs, heart and all the rest of them? Today I want to encourage each of us to think more about our bodies but go deep within and think about how the foods we eat day in and day out come with a high price and one day we will have to pay the high cost and hopefully it won’t be too high of a price that we can’t afford to pay. The remedy yes there is a remedy. An alkaline vegan lifestyle is our remedy our ram in the bush instead of our lives. It’s really simple! Choose life over death, choose plants, berries, whole grains and nuts that are least acidic. Start some where if it’s too much for you to do all at once. Where should you start? I strongly recommend beginning with exchanging items from your life with healthier foods. Replace white flour with least acidic grains like spelt, kamut, and quinoa. Replace your sugars with raw agave’ and natural date sugar (no exceptions) Sugar is highly toxic in the body!!!! Replace your dairy milks, creamers, ice cream, butters with nut butters, nut milk, grain milk. Replace eating meats 7 days a week to eating them 4 days a week. Hey I respect some are more attached to their meats!!! The choice of becoming a alkaline vegan is really up to the each of us to decide and I hope you decide sooner than later.



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